Thursday, April 3, 2008

Best Pic--------La mejor foto

I want to enter a contest for the cover of a magazine. I know that there will be millons entering and our chances are very small, but still I want to. Please tell me wich pic is the best. Thanks!
Quiero entrar a un concurso para la portada de una revista. Se que habra millones participando y nuetras chances son muy bajas, Preo de todas maneras quiro entrar. Porfavor diganme que foto les gusta mas. Gracias!






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natalie said...
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natalie said...

I like #4 and #7!

susana kidd said...

Too hard to decide! She looks so pretty in all of them. #2 and last one Ilike the best.
Hey what magazine is that? good luck!

Yin said...

Hello! everyone! The magazine is Babytalk and here is where I found it:

For all of you who have little ones!(4 to 15 months)

Unknown said...

I liked #5 and #8. Sorry this does not help too much since we all have chosen a different picture. Pero se ve linda en todas!

Lori said...

opps, missed the poll, but she is a cutie! Hope she gets published :)

Genny said...

Hey! we want more posts and pics!!!! How was Washington? why did u go so far for? hahaha