Friday, May 16, 2008


Today is Zev's second birthday!!! Last Wednesday we celebrated his birthday with some friends at the pool! It was very fun!
Today we just had pizza with Natalie, Noel and Brynn. We gave him presents. He loved them!
Hoy es el segundo cumpleanios de Zev!!! El miercoles pasado celebramos su cumpleanios en la alberca, con algunos amigos! Estubo divertido!
Y hoy comimos pizza con Noel, Natalie y Brynn. Le dimos sus regalos y le encantaron!

Zev got a John Deere Gator for his birthday! He loved it!!

You can see how euphoric he was!


Este fue uno de los regalos de Zev! Le encanto!

Pueden ver la euforia que tenia!

Since we had cake on Wednesday we had cookies today!


Como el miercoles comimos pastel, hoy comimos galletas!

Zev loved all his presents, he was VERY HAPPY!


A Zev le encantaron sus regalos, estaba MUY FELIZ!

6 Comentarios/comments:

natalie said...

Happy Birthday Zev!
Yesterday was seriously the happiest I've ever seen him. He couldn't stop smiling. It was so cute.

Genny said...

He looks so cute and happy! Happy Bday!!!! I love his present.... it´s awesome! He will sure enjoy it a lot!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Zev. We had fun swimming and eating cupcakes with you.

FLORES said...

Feliz CumpleaƱos a Zev! Ya todo un toddler! Y se nota en su carita de felicidad que es un travieso. Que bonito su regalo! Saludos!

Lori said...

Whoa! 2, already, how did that happen??? Crazy. Love the gator, the grandparents have one and its awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!

Dan said...

I like the picture of Zev freaking out with his new gator. He's really gotten big in the last year, and he's thinned out too. He doesn't look like a baby anymore.