Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally! --- Finalmente!

This is Adam's dream present. A Power rack. Ever since we got married he wanted one. So finally! he's got it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!
Este es el regalo que Adam siempre habia sonado. Habia querido esto desde que nos casamos. A si que finalmente! Lo tiene! FELIZ CUMPLEANIOS ADAM!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Adam! Feliz Cumpleanios Adam!

Last Thursday it was Adam's Birthday. We went to eat to this really good Brazilian steakhouse and we loved it. Noel and Natalie were really nice and babysat for us. The girls and I made this cake so after Adam and I came back from dinner we all ate the cake. Yum! We are still waiting for Adam's present to get here. I ordered it two weeks ago, but apparently it wasn't early enough. Oh well you'll see what he gets next post!(hopefully).
El Jueves pasado fue el cumpleanios de Adam, y fuimos a comer a un restaurante brazileno y nos encanto. Noel y Natalie cuidaron a los ninos. Las ninas y yo hicimos un pastel y cuando Adam y yo regresamos de cenar nos lo comimos. Mmmm! Todavia estamos esperando a que llegue el regalo de Adam. Lo ordene hace dos semanas, pero aparentemente debi hacerlo mucho antes.
La proxima foto sera de su regalo. (eso espero).

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trying to take a picture of my three kids...

The other day I tried to take a picture of my kids, and as you can see, it was impossible. If it wasn't Zev, It was Carmen, and even Cecilia (who usually likes to pose) wouldn't stay in position. It was funny.

El otro dia, trate de tomar una foto de mis ninos y como pueden ver fue imposible. Si no era Zev, era Carmen y hasta Cecilia(que normalmente le gusta posar) no se que daba quieta. Estuvo muy divertido.

This last one was funny, because Zev took off running and bumped into the wall. He fell sitting and I took the picture just before he started to cry. It looks comical. I thought... That's what he gets for running off from my picture.

Esta ultima foto estuvo chistosa, porque Zev se escapo corriendo y choco con la pared. Callo sentadito y tome la foto justo antes de que empezo a llorar. Se vio muy comico.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Last Saturday Natalie invited me to lunch because she won lunch for her and three friends in a raffle at a Halloween activity. So a friend from church came to pick me up and when we went to pick Natalie, I had to run to the bathroom. So, I ask Natalie if I could use her bathroom and when I came in to the house: SURPRISE! What!!!! It was a BABY SHOWER! FOR ME! It was really great, Natalie made delicious Soups for lunch and we made a beautiful scrapbook for the baby! It was VERY FUN! Thank you Natalie! It was a great surprise.

Some friends!

The presents!

The beautiful scrapbook!


Thursday, November 1, 2007


We went trick or treating at Adam and Noel's office. It was FUN!
Cecilia was snow white. While I was getting her ready, she realize that her hair was not like snow whites so she ask me to cut it. I was surprised, but I did. It used to touch her middle back.
Zev was an army guy. It was an easy one!
Carmen was Rapunsell. Notice her long braid hanging on the side.
Around the neighborhood.