Thursday, November 1, 2007


We went trick or treating at Adam and Noel's office. It was FUN!
Cecilia was snow white. While I was getting her ready, she realize that her hair was not like snow whites so she ask me to cut it. I was surprised, but I did. It used to touch her middle back.
Zev was an army guy. It was an easy one!
Carmen was Rapunsell. Notice her long braid hanging on the side.
Around the neighborhood.

5 Comentarios/comments:

Lori said...

Oh, how fun! I can't believe Ceci wanted you to cut her hair! The girls looked beautiful and your army guy is darling too :)

Genny said...

Beautiful costumes... can´t wait to dress Nicolle as a princess!!!!
Trick or treating is so much FUN!!

Unknown said...

Con su cabello largo en algunas fotos le da un parecido a Eunice. Ahora es toda una blanca nieves!! que linda.

Genny said...

I can´t believe you cut Cecy´s hair!!! I told Alan and Diego about it and showed them the pictures. They were really excited to see their cousins all dressed up!

natalie said...

Trick or treating was so fun! Your girls are so funny. I loved loved loved your kids' costumes. They really pulled them off!