Friday, February 1, 2008

Zev's favorite hat ---------- El sombrero favorito de Zev

Three years ago, I got an outfit for my nephew Noah that included a hat. later that same year my other nephew, Marshall came with his family to the tri-cities to visit. It was summer and they didn't have hats, so they borrowed some from Matt and Amy(Noah's parents) So Marshall end up using the hat that I had given Noah. They saw our family last, so they left the hats in our house. Every time Matt and Amy came to our house I would take them out but, they always forgot them. Well... now we don't even live in the same state and we still have the hats! Zev found the one I gave Noah a few months ago and he can't stop wearing it! It's funny.


Hace tres anios le regale un sombrero a mi sobrino Noah. Ese mismo anio mi otro sobrino, Marshall fue a visitarnos con su familia a las Tres-ciudades. Era verano y hacia mucho calor, como no traian sombreros les pidieron prestados unos a Matt y Amy (los papas de Noah). Marshall termino usando el sombrero que yo le habia regalado a Noah. Antes de irse, fueron a nuestra casa, como ya no vieron a Matt y a Amy, dejaron los sombreros en mi casa. Cuando Matt y Amy venian a nuestra casa yo sacaba los sombreros pero siempre se les olvidaban. Ahora nisiquiera vivimos en el mismo estado y todavia tenemos los sombreros (solo eran dos para Marshall y para Mica). El chiste es que Zev encontro el que le habia regalado a Noah, y le encanta. Lo quiere usar todo el tiempo! Es muy chistoso.

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natalie said...

Zev is SO CUTE! He is so sweet.
Love the new look of your blog. And I like your idea to put the book of the month.

Lori said...

Cute! Well, if its ok with Zev, i really think you need to bring that hat back to Noah... and visit us too! :)

Kristen said...

Ah! What cute pictures. I especially like the close up one.

stchan98 said...

Wow! Yinelli- beautiful family! We miss you guys!

Dan said...

Zev looks like a little huasito. That's chilean for sort of a chilean hick. That's funny.