Monday, April 28, 2008

Road Trip!!!! to Washington ------- Manejando a Washington!

Two weeks ago Adam decided to go visit his family in Washington state. So, we drove for three days to get there. We drove through New mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Oregon. The kids were VERY GOOD! We had lots of fun!
Hace dos semanas Adam decicio ir a visitar a su familia en el estado de Washington. Manejamos por tres dias. Pasamos por Nuevo Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho y Oregon. Los ninos se portaron SUPER BIEN! Nos divertimos mucho!

This two pics are from New Mexico!
Estas fotos son de nuevo Mexico!Here, in my in-laws house
Aqui, en la casa de mis suegros.

In-laws kitchen. And that is one of Matt & Amy's twins.


Cocina de mis suegros. Y uno de los gemelos de Matt y Amy.

All the cousins had a picture taken. I will post it soon!
Todos los primos se tomaron una foto. La pondre pronto!

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Kristen said...

That looks so fun! I wish we could have been there.

Genny de Portugal said...

Cool, looks like you had a great time! When are u guys coming to Mexico? We want to visit you in TX in July, will u be there?
Genny (estoy en la compu de mi mama, jeje)

Lori said...

Awww, we missed our chance to see you :( Can't tell you how much i admire you for making that trip. I don't think i am that brave. Hayden would have liked the route 66 part. Did you through radiator springs, the cutest little town in carbourator county? :)

Unknown said...

Hey, how come you guys did not stop by Rifle. I love road trips. We will be moving soon to League City, Texas. So, we will follow your brave example, only we will be bringing a moving truck full of stuff along.

Amy North said...

hey there! How fun you found our blog! I love yours, especially the bi-lingual-ness of it. :) So, I'm getting desperate, when do I get to borrow some maternity clothes??:)